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    Portal » Suggestions » [Suggestion]Add voice channel in discord.

    [Suggestion]Add voice channel in discord. (Read 115 times)
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    Posted: December 30, 2020 18:09:24
    Offline Boss_BB
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    [Suggestion]Add voice channel in discord.

    Add one voice channel in discord in ultra h discord server.By voice channel admins/players can interact to each others thorigh voice better way of conversation..I know that this is a stupid suggestion but many players are unable to explain their problems in chat box so it will be better to create one voice channel


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    Posted: January 2, 2021 16:33:11
    Offline Link
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    Re: [Suggestion]Add voice channel in discord.
    Hello there Boss! Since there hasn't been a response in a few days I suppose I can help respond about it for you and give you some input. Voice channels on the Discord had been brought up a few times before and most of the time it was denied. Admin mentioned awhile back that it would not be very useful for support, I don't know how it would be used today as support though in my personal opinion it could be a little harder to try and talk over voice. There are language differences and cultural differences, so thick accents might end up becoming harder to understand for example and not everyone speaks English.

    That is my opinion, although as a official decision unfortunately I don't see a voice channel being made again for now unless admin wants to try it. Support mainly would be in the text channels in help and questions or scripting support. As I often say, we shall see.

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